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Articles by Nicholas Berdyaev

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   Chronological Coding by Year of Initial Publication, and T. Klepinina Assigned #)

1904-110 (3) A. S. Khomyakov as Philosopher (Centennial of Birth)

1905-115 (3) The Catechesis of Marxism

1905-118 (3) Culture and Politics.  Philosophy of Modern Russian History

1905-120 (3) K. Leont'ev - Philosopher of a Reactionary Romanticism

1906-xxx Capital Punishment and Killing

1906-126 (3) The History and the Psychology of Russian Marxism

1906-130 (3) Concerning the Will of the People

1907-131 (4) Russian God-Seekers

1907-135 (4) Nihilism on a Religious Soil

1907-138 (4) Decadentism and Mystical Realism

1908-149 (4) Christ and the World  (Reply to V. V. Rozanov)

1908-151 (4) Catholic Modernism and the Crisis of the Contemporary Consciousness

1909-157 (4) Regarding a Remarkable Book (O. Weininger)

1909-158 (4) Attempt at a Philosophical Justification of Christianity. Concerning the Book of V.

                  Nesmelov "The Science of Man"

1911-053 The Problem of East and West within the Religious Consciousness of Vl. Solov'ev

1912-054 The Old and the New Testament in the Religious Consciousness of L. Tolstoy

1913-170 Concerning Earthly and Heavenly Utopianism (As Regards the Book of Prince Evgenii

             Trubetskoy "The World-Concept of Vl. Solov'ev")

1914-174 (14) Picasso

1914-178 (15) The Russian and the Polish Soul

1914-181 (15) The Fate of Paris

1915-07 (15) The Soul of Russia

1915-185 On the Disputes Concerning German Philosophy

1915-186 The Religion of Resusciative Resurrection (N. F. Fedorov's "The Philosophy of the

             Common Task")   N.B. .docfile Zipped.

1915-187 (15) Concerning the "Eternal Baba" in the Russian Soul  (Rozanov)

1915-188 The New Russia

1915-189 Nietzsche and the Modern Germany

1915-192 Deadening Tradition (Vyach. Ivanov)

1915-195 (15) The End of Europe

1915-197 (15) Thoughts about the Nature of War

1915-201 (15) War and the Crisis of the Intelligentsia Consciousness

1915-202 (15) Slavophilism and the Slavic Idea

1915-203 Society and the Ruling Powers

1915-204 The Prophecies of N F Fedorov Concerning the War

1915-205 (15) On the Abstract and the Absolute in Politics

1915-206 (15) Words and Reality in Societal Life

1915-218 (15) The Tasks of Creative Historical Thought

1915-xxx Concerning the Spirit of Despondency

1916-221 On the Prestige of Holding Power

1916-225 Power and Coercive Violence

1916-233 (14) An Astral Novel: A. Bely's "Peterburg"

1916-234 The Apotheosis of Russian Lethargy  (Rozanov)

1916-235 (15) The Cosmic and the Sociological World-Sense

1916-240 The Church Question in Russia

1916-244 The New Religious Consciousness and History

1916-245 On Citizenship

1916-248 An Account about Heavenly an Origin. (A. N. Schmidt)

1916-252a Spiritual Christianity and Sectarianism in Russia

1916-252b Theosophy and Anthroposophy in Russia

1917-254 The Strength of Russia

1917-xxx Reform of the Church

1917-013 The Free Church

1917-256 (15)  Concerning the Relationship of Russians towards Ideas

1917-257 Khomyakov and Fr. Florensky

1917-258 Theocratic Illusions and Religious Creativity (Kartashev)

1917-259 The Psychology of a Survivable Moment

1917-263 The Position of Russia in the World

1917-264 Power and Responsibility

1917-266 About Bourgeoisness and Socialism

1917-269 Truth and Lie in Societal Life

1917-275 The Religious Foundations of Bolshevism

1917-276 Who is to Blame?

1917-277 The German Influences and Slavism

1917-278 The Free Church and the Sobor

1917-279 Patriotism and Politics

1917-280 The Ruin of Russian Illusions

1917-281 Concerning Freedom and the Integrity of the Word

1917-284 Has There Been in Russia a Revolution?

1917-286 The Germanisation of Russia

1917-289 On Love for Russia

1918-14 The Crisis of Art

1918-290 Class and Man

1918-292 The Power and Psychology of the Intelligentsia*

1918-294 The Revelation about Man in the Creativity of Dostoevsky

1918-296 Russia and Great Russia

1918-297 The Recuperation of Russia

1918-057/299 Spirits of the Russian Revolution (Gogol, Dostoevsky, L. Tolstoy)

1922-059 The Pre-Death Thoughts of Faust (O. Spengler)

1922-17-60.1 The End of the Renaissance

1923-060.2 The "Living Church" and the Religious Rebirth of Russia

1923-060.3 Murky Figures (Reminiscences of A. Bely concerning A. Blok)

1924-301 The Jewish Question, as a Christian Question

1925-302 Spiritual Tasks of the Russian Emigration. ("From the Editor" Preface to Journal Put')

1925-303 The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Caesar

1925-304 NeoThomism

1925-307 The Idea of God-manhood in Vl. Solov'ev (On Occasion of 25 Years from Day of Death)

1926-308 Salvation and Creativity

1926-312 The Nightmare of an Evil Good (I Ilyin's book "Resistance to Evil by Force")

1926-316 BookReview: New Books about Jacob Boehme

1927-318 The Scientific Discipline of Religion and Christian Apologetics

1927-321 A Consideration Concerning Theodicy

1927-323 A Conference in Austria

1927-xxx BookReview: "Death-Idolatry" (N. Fedorov theme)

1928-329 The Metaphysical Problem of Freedom

1928-333 Three Jubilees: L. Tolstoy, H. Ibsen, N. Fedorov

1928-336 Marcionism

1928-337 Obscuratism

1929-343 BookReview: Concerning Sophiology (Bulgakov)

1930-345 Character of Russian Religious Thought of XIX Century

1929-346 The Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge (L. Shestov. On the Scales of Job. A Peripateia

1929-347 BookReview: A New Book about J. Boehme (A. Koyre)

1929-348 BookReview: A. Gornostaev: "Paradise on Earth" ( Fedorov theme)

1930-349 Boehme: Etude I: the Ungrund and Freedom

1930-351 Boehme: Etude II: Sophia and the Androgyne; Boehme and the Russian Sophiological

1930-352 In Memory of Prince G. N. Trubetskoy

1930-353 East and West (Lecture)

1931-027 On Suicide

1931-358 In Defense of A. Blok

1932-377 The Spiritual Condition of the Contemporary World

1932-378 Garrigou-Lagrange, OP. La Providence et la confience en Dieu

1932-379 The Two Concepts of Christianity

1933-385 BookReview:  Martin Buber.  Die Chassidischen Buecher; Ich und Du;  Zwiespreche; 

              Koenigtum Gottes. I.

1934-391 Polytheism and Nationalism

1934-392 Knowledge and Communion  (N. N. Alekseev)

1935-397 On Christian Pessimism and Optimism (Chetverikov)

1935-399 Eternity and Time

1935-400 Personalism and Marxism

1935-401 Further on Christian Pessimism and Optimism (Chetverikov)

1935-404 The Spirit of the Grand Inquisitor. (Regarding Ukaz of Met. Sergei condemning the

              Theological Views of Fr. S. Bulgakov)

1936-408 The Problem of Man. (Towards the Construction of a Christian Anthropology)

1936-409 Concerning Authority, Freedom and Humanness (V. Lossky / Chetverikov)

1936-410 Lev Shestov: On Occasion of His 70th Year

1936-411 In Memory of Georgii Ivanovich Chelpanov

1936-419 Lev Shestov and Kierkegaard

1937-424 Ortodoksia and Humanness  (G. Florovsky: The Ways of Russian Theology)

1937-426 In Memory of Andrei Fedorovich Karpov

1937-430 Concerning Fanaticism, Orthodoxy and Truth

1938-435 Jean Grenier, Essai sur l'esprit d' orthodoxie.  Gallimard

1938-439 Fundamental Idea of Philosophy of Lev Shestov

1939-441 Does There Exist Freedom of Thought and Conscience in Orthodoxy

1939-442 In Memory of Pope Pius XI

1939-446 S. L. Frank: "The Unfathomable" (Nepostizhimoe")

1939-452 War and Eschatology

1939-xxx The Paradox of the Lie

1945-454 In Memory of Romain Rolland

1949-478b Political Testament (.pdf format)

1952|1937-476 My Philosophic World-Outlook


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